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Which Of The Following Greatest Describes How Geysers Erupt?

by Sophia Jennifer

However, at the boiling point the water doesn’t convert into steam. This is as a end result of it’s deep beneath the ground, and the load of cooler water above produces a high confining strain. This condition is named “superheated” – the water is sizzling enough to become steam – it wants to turn out to be steam – but it is unable to increase due to the high confining stress.

D)The pressure at any level in the aquifer is significantly less than the load of the water column between the point and the top of the aquifer. Porosity is a measure of the quantity of open space in rocks and unconsolidated, geological materials like alluvium and soils. Water beneath the water desk slowly boils in a vertical crack or natural conduit, causing a plume of condensed water vapor to rise above the vent. Q. Which greatest describes how surface water enters and is saved in an aquifer? Surface water enters the aquifer via the soil by infiltration and is saved in massive underground swimming pools.

An underground layer of permeable rock, sediment, or soil that yields water. Active volcanoes have a latest history of eruptions; they are more likely to erupt once more. Dormant volcanoes have not erupted for a really long time but may erupt at a future time. Extinct volcanoes usually are not expected to erupt sooner or later.

Good aquifers are those with high permeability such as poorly cemented sands, gravels, or highly fractured rock. An aquitard is a physique of material with very low permeability. In general, tightly packed clays, well cemented sandstones, and igneous and metamorphic rocks lacking fractures are good aquitards. Where groundwater intersects the ground floor, a spring can type. The sort of stream drainage sample that develops in an area with fractured rock at the floor is called.

Past volcanic eruptions which have taken place at Yellowstone National Park have been global disasters. Today, scientists are trying to foretell you should hold down the ____ key to select the nonadjacent cells. how this ticking time bomb will explode—or fizzle out. The water table is a floor separating the saturated and unsaturated zones.

79)The water table is the boundary between the zone of aeration, the place infiltration happens, and the zone of saturation where the first groundwater storage and circulate occur. 16)In common, how do we all know where the water table is located? A)By drilling wells, measuring the water ranges, and contouring these elevations. B)Look at the regional streams and measure their depths, that is where the water table is. C)It is at all times on the base of the soil zone, just measure the soil thickness. D)Just look at a regional map, it’s the same elevation all over the place.