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Quiz 4

by Sophia Jennifer

The extrusive magma cools rapidly so the mineral grains do not have time to develop. Deep-oceanic trenches are most plentiful across the rim of the ________ ocean basin. ________ most successfully outline the edges of the lithospheric plates. The volcanoes and deep valleys of east Africa are related to a ________. A very long-lived magma supply positioned deep in the mantle is known as a ________.

Rock, randomly bonded without any geometric sample. The _______ is an example of an energetic, continent-continent collision. Here we are with “The Perfect Practice Test For Geology Exams Part- II. ” Geology is a big part of our every day lives.

34 – Volcanism along a continental arc is dominated by the eruption of ________. 12 – ____________ have a tendency to increase the explosive potential of a magma physique beneath a volcano. 08 – ________ have a tendency to increase which author is normally responsible for sharing reprints the explosive potential of a magma body beneath a volcano. Seafloor spreading rates can be estimated if the geologicages of the magnetic subject reversals are independently recognized.

Explain. The common composition of rocks comprising a large composite cone or stratovolcano is similar to a ________ magma. The eruptions of the Hawaiian volcanoes could additionally be described as explosive compared to the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption.

A porphyritic texture includes two different sizes of mineral grains, the phenocrysts and the vesicles. Olivine and quartz commonly crystallize together from mafic or basaltic magmas. Changing the composition of magma by incorporating surrounding host rock is named ________.

Similarities in rock type and structure d. Paleoclimate e. All of the above are strains of evidence used to help Continental Drift. The mantle beneath the ridges is enriched in thorium, uranium, and potassium, inflicting robust heating due to power from radioactive decay. The modern-day Red Sea is defined by plate tectonics principle as a result of it’s ____________.

Do you understand the visual differences between igneous, sedimentary, and… The hawaiian island-emperor seamount chain fashioned because of ________. A) Lava flows from a big defend volcano on an oceanic island. The Hawaiian Islands type an archipelago that extends over an unlimited space of the North Pacific Ocean.

________ is the method by which rocks breakdown in place to provide soils and sediments. The latest volcanic exercise in Yellowstone National Park is ________. ________ are normally the most ample gases emitted throughout basaltic volcanism. Sulfur dioxide and other erupted gases formed aerosols within the stratosphere.