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by editor k

“Plains Marketing lp” is a self-proclaimed “grass roots” grassroots marketing company. We’ve been around in the community for several years now, promoting the ideas of the local business owners in a grassroots way. We believe that if we show up at the business owners’ business, we are more likely to be successful.

We provide business owners marketing support for their business. We can offer advice, provide business owners a forum to network with other business owners, and we have the ability to promote the business to the business community. We know that it takes a village, so we are always looking to meet the needs of the business community.

Our goal is to promote business owners so that they are more likely to succeed. Because our marketing efforts will be done at a grassroots level, we believe that a grassroots approach is more likely to lead to success.

I don’t get it. How can someone who is so busy with their other responsibilities and careers (or more likely, who is busy and unfocused), be able to be so busy promoting themselves? It’s like they don’t have time to be marketing themselves. Maybe I’m just not a marketing expert, but I don’t get it.

I understand that there are plenty of marketing opportunities out there, but I believe that a grassroots level approach will be superior. I also understand that it may be difficult to get your business noticed, especially if you don’t have a great business plan, but I believe that spreading the word about your business and your products will help you find people who will work with you, not just give you a check.

Not to mention, you’ll find that the folks who actually want to work with you will be a lot more likely to pay you for your services. In the end, I believe that great marketing can be achieved at a grassroots level.

For example, I remember when iSellmyself.com was just starting out. I was a new internet entrepreneur (and the owner of one of the largest affiliate sales websites on the web) and in my first month after launching my website, I was the number one paid affiliate on all the major affiliate sites in the space. Even though I had hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, I was still only making about $1 per sale. I learned a lot from that experience.

I remember that same month, I was in the middle of a major transition when I decided to expand my website to the point where I was making 10-15 referrals on a daily basis. I was also trying to get my marketing skills to the next level and learn things like search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and affiliate marketing.

I learned so much from this experience which included writing a sales letter that was as long as the first page on my website. I remember having a sales page with all those pictures of my wife and kids and how much money I made from it. I remember seeing an ad for a service I had used a lot before and how easy it was to promote that service on my website.

In our life, we’re all in the same business. It’s like a business strategy. I’m always thinking, “What am I doing?” because I’m always thinking, “I want to get the money back.” I get paid for that.

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