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Oh Brother, The Place Bart Thou?

by Sophia Jennifer

Following the dying of Bart Bass, Blair decides she has something important to say to Chuck, but quickly realizes it is not a great time. When Serena decides to journey to Argentina with Aaron, Dan decides to specific his feelings for her. Meanwhile, Cyrus and Eleanor take a huge step of their [pii_email_bdc3ac2af54169cdffde] relationship and Rufus discovers a secret that Lily has been maintaining from all people for a long time. Find the exact moment in a TV present, film, or music video you need to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the proper spot.

At the Waldorf’s, Serena arrives to find Aaron ready in the adorned house. She tells him that she talked to Lily and that she goes to Buenos Aires with him in spite of everything. At that second, Dan and Jenny arrive within the condo. Jenny goes upstairs to deliver Eleanor her garments and Aaron goes to examine on Cyrus. Dan pulls Serena aside and tells her that he doesn’t need her to go along with him. She informs him that he is too late because she already said she’s going and since Rufus and Lily are in love.

We additionally need to begin performing some analysis on the historical past of music. “Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?” “Thursdays with Abie” 450 →”Dad… I want a child brother.” However, right now Season 21 is more than 400,000 viewers, on average, behind Season 20 via the identical time and variety of episodes final yr. Even an enormous quantity for the anniversary present in all probability won’t be sufficient to keep Season 21 from being the bottom rated season ever. This week Zombie Simpsons had its own little “South Park” sequence. We talk about a number of these beneath but we forgot to mention the whole Kama Sutra thing which, like so many others on this episode, took way too lengthy and made no sense.

She solutions and tells the particular person that she can’t talk, as she’s busy at the moment. However, when the particular person replies, she worriedly says she’ll be right down. Eric then spots Jonathan, who asks for the 2 of them to speak privately. Upstairs, Lily finds Chuck going via Bart’s examine.

Serena and Aaron taxi to the airport, as she tries to be joyful, like Lily all the time was, with the choices which have been made for her.Later, Dan arrives house to search out Rufus sitting in the dark. He tells Dan that he will never be with Lily, and walks out the door; Dan calls Serena, and Aaron tells Serena that he’s falling in love along with her. Well, that’s one way to stop her from answering the phone, ass. Rufus arrives at Grand Central and asks Lily if their baby was a boy or a woman. Blair wakes up to find a notice from Chuck telling her she deserves higher, and to not come on the lookout for him. When Serena arrives, she holds Dan tighter and longer than she holds Aaron, and everyone notices.