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by editor k

mitigation marketing refers to the methods used to mitigate risk which is essentially a means to reduce how much damage an event will cause.

One of the most common and effective methods of mitigation marketing is to educate your audience on the risks involved in performing a certain task. For example, if you’re trying to scare your audience into buying a new car, you can use some scare tactics about how the cars will likely be stolen or how the engine will likely fail.

The other popular and effective form of mitigation marketing is to advertise your product at a discount. This is often done by adding a small but highly effective hidden “free bonus” to your product. If you advertise a “free bonus”, your audience will believe that you actually offer a “free bonus” just from the fact that you’re advertising it.

That being said, a lot of people believe the discount is a form of bait and switch. They think the discount is meant to be sneaky. But the discount is actually the whole point. Because the discount is hidden, your audience doesn’t know what it offers until they get to the free bonus.

Yes, the discount is a bait and switch, a way for your audience to think theyre getting something for nothing, and then they’ll buy the product. But you really don’t need to advertise the discount because the discount is a form of bait and switch.

You dont even really know what the discount offers to help you make a decision. But this is where the bait and switch comes in. If youre already selling a product, you dont need to give it away for free. But if youre not selling a product, you have to give it away for free. So the bait and switch is your way of making a decision, or perhaps making yourself look like a decision maker.

Its not a good idea to have a discount offer. That is a way of making it look like youre a decision maker. If youre already involved in a relationship with a person, you could do your discount offer as a way to make yourself look as powerful as possible. But really you shouldnt be doing anything. The most natural thing for you to do is to ignore the discount offer and continue whatever youre doing.

A lot of times we say to our partner, “I want to use you as leverage to get better deals or make more money,” but then we forget that we are using that leverage in a negative way. The reason we say this is because we are really using that leverage and using it against ourselves. We’re using it to give ourselves a bad rap. We’re using it to make ourselves look bad or to make us feel less powerful.

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