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marketing ethics and social responsibility

by editor k

You can’t force someone to engage their marketing ethics and social principles, so when you make a decision like this, you can’t just think about it and then leave it at that. You have to go and think about whether or not marketing is the right thing to do, and whether or not it is ethical and socially responsible.

Marketing is not just about generating a lot of money. It is about creating a relationship with your customers.

People have a right to trust in you and your company’s intentions and the people they work for. If you don’t know the purpose of marketing, then you wont have the right to expect your customers to participate. How you engage people in marketing is as important as what you do with the money you create.

With that out of the way, we can talk about ethics. For marketers, the term ethics refers to the ethical practices and behaviors of social behavior. A social behavior is a pattern of behavior that is socially accepted as being acceptable and normal. It can be a behavior that is accepted as being right, wrong, or justifiable or not.

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