Kick start your fashion journey with patchwork tops & sustainable dresses

Most people know that organic cotton is a healthier fabric choice, but few realize it’s also more stylish than the competition. That’s where patchwork tops come in: their vintage looks are perfect for the fall and winter. While being made from repurposed materials, you can feel smug about saving the planet while donning a unique and fashionable piece of clothing.

No wonder, patchwork tops along with sustainable dresses have been gaining tons of attention lately. Speaking of sustainable fabrics, they are often made of recycled materials and can help you reduce waste. They are comfortable for all-day wear, not just for summer months, and can be styled in different ways to suit any occasion.

Patchwork Tops

Patchwork tops have been around since at least the 1920s when they were typically made using squares of fabric. The number of colors and patterns allowed had very little restriction, and while this type of top was popular among a wide variety of people, those who were considered ‘fashionable’ received the most praise for wearing them.

Therefore, we can not deny the fact that patchwork tops have evolved into a gorgeous way to show off the creativity and adventurous spirit of any individual. The different stripes, patches of fabric, and colors that come together to create patchwork tops make them trendy pieces that stand out in a crowd. Above all, they are a great way to express your fashion personality in an affordable way while being unique.

This type of garment typically features many different fabrics and patterns sewn together in an abstract, almost haphazard design. On top of that, these tops are often loose-fitting, making them perfect for any occasion!

Sustainable Dresses

If you are someone who is constantly interested in new trends but don’t have the time to find them yourself, then there is a solution for you: sustainable dresses! Sustainable dresses are clothes that can be directly recycled back into the fabric supply, which means they will last longer and not make a negative impact on our environment. No need for more plastic or anything else impacting our planet! A sustainable dress will become your new favorite fashion item in no time.

These dresses need fewer chemicals for their manufacture and will not have any negative effects on your skin when you wear them. In addition, these fabrics breathe better and feel great against your skin when the weather heats up. Just make sure that you wash them inside out at least once before using them in order to remove any loose dye from the material (ensuring that you get longer use from each garment!).

Both designs will look and feel new (if not better) even after several washes and can be worn with any type of shoes you prefer. Especially, if you’re on the fence about incorporating sustainability into your wardrobe, think of these sustainable dresses and linen wear as a way to start.

You can find patchwork tops and sustainable dresses in luxury collections from renowned designers like Wendell Rodricks, Ritu Kumar, Payal Singhal, Puro Cosa and more.

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