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by editor k

I have a background in marketing and sales and have worked with various businesses and agencies as well as startups and small businesses. I am a self-proclaimed “foodie,” but I have always enjoyed cooking and eating. My love for food and culinary arts have been passed down through my family and has made me feel as comfortable as I possibly can.

I don’t know about you, but I do enjoy cooking and eating. I’ve been known to eat a large quantity of a certain food, and then just eat more of it, in the hopes I’ll get the same satisfaction. It’s not that I hate food—I love it—I just hate it when someone else who wants to eat the same food I do, finds a better way to do so.

I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone, but I find myself having fun when I cook for others. I find that I always seem to come out of my kitchen with a new recipe for something amazing. I think that’s because cooking involves some form of social interaction, and I’m not always a good judge of what others are really capable of.

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