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by editor k

Although the horse industry is still in its infancy, there are a number of horse-related jobs out there for those with an eye on future riches. A few of the most popular positions are in the equine breeding industry, and many are related to horse racing. The job listings for these positions are found on the websites of equine related companies; check out the Equine Marketing Association (EMA) Website.

The other job, as I’m sure you all know, is in human-human relations and human resources. I’ve talked to a number of people at some of these companies about the role they play in human-human relations, and they say that they have an eye for human relationships, and it’s a pretty good way to take out the role of human-human relations. So I would really like to know what they’re doing at that position with regard to equine related companies.

It seems as though the Equine Marketing Association is the only equine-related organization that has a clear and defined role in human-human relations. While the EMA may be an equine-related organization, they don’t seem to be doing anything that would qualify as human-human relations. The only thing that sounds like the role of equine-related organization to me is equine marketing, and that’s not really a job description.

A similar situation is the AARP, which is an equine-related organization but seems to have no clear role in human-human relations. Instead, it seems to be doing everything that the equine-related organizations does, specifically its equine-related training programs. But because the AARP is equine-related, it must, by definition, be human-human relations.

I guess that would make it human-equine relations. Its a bit like the US Civil Service, which is the equine-related organization that the AARP is equine-related to.

You know what? The AARP’s equine-related organizations are basically the same as the US Civil Service. I don’t know if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be the equine equivalent of a human. Let’s say you’re a police officer in a country that has no police force, but one that does have equine-related organizations, which provide training, pay, and other perks to people who would otherwise be unemployed.

In Equine Marketing, you would be a hired gun who helps the equine-related organizations run their equine marketing campaigns. You would be sent to test various marketing tactics (like the sale of horse meat), see what works, and then use that knowledge to develop your own equine sales techniques.

This sounds really great. There isn’t much else I can say about it. Equine marketing is a pretty broad field that a lot of people with strong marketing backgrounds have great potential to work in. To be a good equine marketing specialist, you need to have a lot of experience with horses, marketing them, and working with them in a retail setting. You need to have at least a little bit of horse-related experience.

There’s a lot of that.

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