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Ccna Chapter 2 Flashcards

by Sophia Jennifer

If you’re on a personal connection, like at residence, you probably can run an anti-virus scan in your system to verify it is not contaminated with malware. B. It offers the intrusion safety services for the system. A hostname may be configured with higher or lower case characters and will end with a letter or digit, not a special character.

It is a saved copy of the working configuration on the time you executed the command. That file stays on the system except you explicitly call the delete command to remove it. This signifies that even when you reset the configuration to the defaults, you still have this configuration out there to be used. Usually, modifications are made to a running configuration in RAM and copied to NVRAM. However, on this case, the technician wants to repeat a beforehand saved configuration from NVRAM into RAM in order to make adjustments to it. C. Copy the working configuration to the startup configuration file.

You can use the banner motd command to create a “Message of the Day” which will be shown to everybody who makes an attempt to go browsing to the switch. Has more information for you on the method to get your wired and wireless networks working securely. These systems might not always get crucial patches in a timely manner why was carnegie steel able to offer its product more cheaply than its competitors?, and the personal firewall provides some assurance. Here we have utilized an overabundance of countermeasures. We set the idle timeout to 1 second and 0 minutes; we eliminated the exec banner; and we disabled the enter transport. Shows the initial levels of opening HyperTerminal and selecting a meaningful connection name.

Layer 2 switches use change virtual interfaces to supply a means for remote entry over IP. B. Global configuration mode can be accessed by entering the enable command. The commandcopy running-config startup-configis used to save the current file runs within the configuration.

Don’t be surprised when you encounter IT people who assume the console port is the only place the place the nice action happens on a Cisco router. Network technicians and directors are entitled to their beliefs. This brings up an important point about recordkeeping and auditing. If you do not know whether a syslog server is getting used on this means, maybe you need to make that change.

Copy the chosen text to the Windows clipboard. To show the config without lengthy certificate information, use “show run transient “. Most operating methods include a shell and a kernel. The kernel interacts with the hardware and the shell interfaces between the kernel and the users. D. Interfaces and routing protocols could be configured.